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Reach more customers who stay longer and spend more. Increase revenue. Showcase your business with offers and discounts. No commissions, no fees.


Showcase your business

Use our free platform to promote your services, offers and discounts. Your business, your way.


Generate more customers

Reach a new, high-value audience of remote workers, multinational companies and Cabo Verdean businesses.


Support to grow

We market Cabo Verde as a remote working destination and share ideas to create new business opportunities. If you grow, we grow.

GoHub is Cabo Verde’s dedicated marketplace for coworking, community and events.

We’re official partner to the Ministerio do Turismo Remote Working Programme. We exist to build the right conditions to attract international remote workers, their families and companies to Cabo Verde, and to encourage and support those already here.

Remote workers, digital nomads, Cabo Verdean entrepreneurs, multinational and domestic businesses find their perfect workspace through GoHub. People use our spaces to work, collaborate and innovate.

Because you want to reach new customers, generate more income, diversify your revenue streams and make Cabo Verde an attractive destination to visit, live and work from.

By promoting your services to a new audience for free:

  • Free online listings controlled by you
  • Customisable offers and discounts with no commissions
  • Trigger emails and texts to users
  • Ability for customers to contact you directly
  • Free promotion and marketing via GoHub’s channels

Nothing. We’re nice like that.

We just want to make Cabo Verde and more accessible place to visit, work, and live by promoting the brilliant services and businesses available.

Super-easily. When you join you provide the description and imagery of your business and we will have you live on the platform same day.

In the future we will be providing direct business owner access to the platform to manage all listings directly. For now, when you have a new offer or discount to promote you simply message us at with the details and we promote it.

We’re like TripAdvisor for coworking in Cabo Verde. But better.

Not officially, but we don’t want to saturate or confuse the audience.

We recommend having a recurring offer – for example a fixed discount activated when the user shows you the offer or provides a coupon code – and implementing the occasional (perhaps once per month) special offer.


Get listed

Complete a 2 minute survey and we’ll be in touch to on-board you to the platform.


Attract customers

Showcase your business, offers, and discounts for free. No commissions. No fees.


Watch your business grow

Benefit from GoHub promoting your services. No strings attached.

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