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Sal Island Manager

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Come and join Cabo Verde’s most exciting startup and help reinvent tourism, impact the local community, whilst learning new skills

Become our workspace and destination manager

We are looking for a talented person to manage Sal’s first coworking space and help develop Cabo Verde’s most exciting start-up. You will need to be super-oragnised, highly morivated and curious to learn. You’ll possess strong written and verbal English and Portugese. You’ll want to use technology and relationships to make Cabo Verde a better place. You will be critical in:

You will be the face of our businesses on Sal island.


We are GoRemote

Founded in 2020, GoRemote is Cabo Verde’s dedicated remote working platform. We attract individuals, families and companies to live and work in Cabo Verde – providing expert advice, mid-stay rentals, coworking, wellbeing, volunteering and on the ground support.


We are GoHub

Launched in November 2022, we are Cabo Verde’s marketplace for coworking. A network of beautifully designed workspaces acting as an ecosystem for international remote workers, domestic coworkers, entrepreneurs and business.

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Santa Maria’s only workspace. Your responsiblity. Make it work.

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