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About our spaces

Where are your spaces located?

The GoHub network is constantly growing – we currently have spaces on six islands in Cabo Verde:

Santiago | Praia | Palmarejo
Santiago | Praia | Baixa
Santiago | Praia | Plateau
Sao Vicente | Mindelo | Don Paco Hotel
Sao Vicente | Mindelo | Prime
Boa Vista | Sal Rei | GoHub
Sal | Santa Maria | GoHub
Maio | Vila do Maio | MBC
Fogo | Sao Felipe | FIC

We hope to have more GoHubs covering all nine islands during 2024.

What are your opening hours?

GoHub Boa Vista and Sal are staffed between 0800 to 1700 Monday to Friday. We have 24/7 digital lock access for our members (week and month pass holders).

Our partners have varying oopening hours and access – please check the information details for each space online.

Meanwhile hit the beach – it’s what Cabo Verde was built for.

How secure are my belongings?

As secure as you keep them.

Please do not leave valuable items unattended in the workspace or overnight. We have some lockers for you to keep belongings in during the day. But it is your responsibilty to keep your stuff safe. GoHub assumes no responsibility whatsover for your personal items.

We operate a CCTV system with 10 day continuous recording in our Sal and Boa Vista spaces.

What’s the difference between hot desk and fixed desk?

Simple. Fixed desk is where we allocate you a desk and it’s yours for the duration of your membership. Hot desk is where you sit anywhere else (agency seating, benching, soft seating, available hot desk) on a first come, first served basis.

Fixed desks are only available to weekly and monthly pass holders.

All members can upgrade their plan to a preimium desk with 4K screens and wireless keyboard mouse. Bookable and payable in app by the hour or day.

What’s included?

All members receive:

  • Workpace access from 0800 – 1700 Mon to Fri (with some spaces offering extended and 24/7 access)
  • Unlimited super-fast internet
  • Use of collaboration areas, soft seating, benching, hot desks
  • Filtered water, fresh coffee
  • Discounted meeting room and privacy pod bookings (week and month members only)
  • Technology rentals
  • Printing services (chargeable)

In Sal and Boa Vista members can upgrade to a fixed desk with 24″ monitor, wireless keyboard/mouse, laptop riser.

What’s the internet like?

Quite simply the best internet in Cabo Verde!

GoHub have the best internet provision in Cabo Verde. Typically with 60mbps up/download speeds. You cannot get beter than our speed, coverage and reliability anywhere in the country. Our spaces are equipped to the same specification as banks and national infrastucture providers.

The right infrastructure

We have an exclusive relationship with the national telecoms provider CV Telecom. Our spaces on Sal and Boa Vista are set up by their engineers and inspected regularly. For those who like the details:

  • We have a private, scalable fibre optic connection – this means we are competing with not other traffic on our line. It’s all for you!
  • We equip each space with multiple access points ensuring uninterupted coverage and redundancy throughout the space
  • We have a back up 4G mobile broadband router
  • We have an uninterrupted power supply (our battery packs are not for use to charge personal devices in the case of a power interuption they are to maintain internet connectivity)

The best technology

Our routers are the newest and set to different bandwidths to avoid clashing and maximise device connection speed. We use Mesh WiFi within the space to boost the signal and ensure 100% coverage with zero signal drop.


I’m an employer – can you help my people work remotely?


We have special packages for Cabo Verdean companies who have staff travelling between islands. We offer discounted, flexible access to our spaces and meeting rooms. Our technology enables you to see and manage your team’s use of our spaces wherever they are.

Talk to us.

Our sister company GoRemote – helps multi-national corporates and their staff to work remotely from Cabo Verde by providing HR, tax, risk advice, accommodation, coworking and wellbeing.

I’ve still got a question and it isn’t answered here?

Ahh. That might be for a few reasons:

  1. We haven’t quite finished building our website yet
  2. We’re a start-up and we haven’t got all the answers yet
  3. You’ve thought of something we haven’t

In which case – email us, or use webchat and we’ll be sure to get back to you ASAP (plus it will help us make these FAQs better!).

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