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Hub rules

Can I bring food?

We provide an assortment of healthy snacks and fruit. You can also bring your own light snacks.

We do not allow food to be prepared on site for health and safety reasons (including allergies).

Please respect other users of the workspace. Eat away from your desk -using the breakout area provided. Do not bring smelly food!

What’s your clean desk policy about?

At the end of each day all desks in the workspace must be free of personal belongings. No exceptions. Anything left will be removed by our GoElves.

This is to ensure the space can be cleaned and sterilised in line with our COVID-19 measures and for the sanity of other users.

We ask that members respect the GoHub feng shui – by keeping their desks tidy and uncluttered during the day. We’re not your parents – but  the GoElves may leve the odd reminder on desks which are left in a tip.

What are your rules on noise and calls?

We want to create a positive work environment for all – please consider other users when making calls.

All members should use headsets and speak with a low voice – keeping the headset slightly off one-ear will allow you to better gauge volume.

For important conferences we suggest you book the privacy pod – reasonable usage policy applies.


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